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POS App Development

Create a white-label app that allows your customers to order food from nearby restaurants. We are at the beginning of a wide, secular shift towards online/mobile food ordering. This presents a tremendous opportunity for restaurant owners and entrepreneurs to create their own online ordering services for existing and new markets.

Key Features of
POS Application

Swift Billing

The billing process and how it is done can make or break the customer experience.

Integrating Accounting

Integrating your POS with an accounting solution will give you quantitative information .

Inventory Management

Proper inventory management will help you maintain reasonable inventory control.

Security Management

We will ensure that your data is protected by backing up to highly secured servers.

Loyalty and CRM

You can only build trust with your customers and encourage repeat visits to your store.

Multi-store Management

Successful management of multiple stores with good optimization and collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Retail and Restaurant businesses need a Point-of-sale (POS) system?

A POS system is essential for both retail and restaurant businesses. It automates store operations and provides a satisfying shopping experience for all customers. A POS system allows you to track inventory, pricing, and purchase, and monitor sales patterns. It also analyzes the business performance to increase revenue. With digital solutions, you can remain competitive and offer your customers more shopping options.

Why Mobisofts is the best Retail POS and Restaurant POS software available in Dubai?

Mobisofts POS allows you to serve your customers the best and allows you to be agile and digitally transform to remain competitive in a dynamic market. Mobisofts retail POS software is the most reliable and accurate in Dubai. It offers customized features for all types of retail/restaurant businesses, including small independent shops large chains, and large corporations.