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Human Resource Development

Human Resource Management is the department of the organization who are responsible for searching, recruiting, training, and tracking the employee’s performance

Key Features of
Human Resource Development


Human Resource Management is the department of the organization who are responsible for searching, recruiting, training, and tracking the employee’s performance. The HR members also work to maintain a cordial relationship with the management. Apart from these, they ensure that all the process of the organization is working under laws and regulations.

Definition of HRM in brief

HRM is the practice of organizing, coordinating, and managing the company’s employees and encouraging them to achieve the goal of the company to give good competition in the market. Human Resource Management(HRM) involves the process of hiring, recruiting, deploying, and managing the employee’s salary and other incentives. The department of HRM in any company plays a vital role for both companies and employees. Streaming from hiring a good employee to investing in them for the growth of the company by ensuring their safety and good salary, all comes under HR responsibilities.


Working process of HRM

The HR Department operates all the major functions of the organization. But do you know how they work to manage the entire company’s functions so accurately? A highly talented HRM team has been hired by the company which works on their behalf in recruiting, hiring, compensating, training, retaining, and motivating the employees. Apart from these, they also create personnel policies that meet the objectives of the company. In small businesses, only one person is hired as HR but in large businesses, there is a team of HR professionals 

who coordinate with each other and manage their specialized roles. HR assistant, HR manager, Recruiting manager, Recruiter, Talent Manager, HR analytics, accommodation specialist, etc. The work of each member is specified and they work accordingly.


HR Roles and Responsibilities

To know about the working process of the HRM, it’s important to understand their roles.

Recruiting and Hiring: The HRM department specializes in sourcing, fixing interviews, hiring the talented, and selecting the job profile as per their interest and talent.

Track the performance: The role of HR is to track the employee’s performance and inform them about improvement if needed.

Maintains employee relations: It is the duty of the human resource Department to maintain cordial and respectful relations between the employees and the management. Spreading positivity among the employees is the main aim of making a friendly working environment.

Training department: After selecting the candidate, it is the HR department to give the proper knowledge and refine their skills for the job profile they have been selected for. Proper training and developing the skills of the candidates to make them successful in their jobs is the main aim of the organization.

Compensation: The HR Department must manage all the benefits and compensation of the employees in terms of their performance and job profile.

Compliance: Human Resource management should confirm that all processes of the organization should be done according to the federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.

Need of Human Resource Department

Although the work of HRM is recruiting and managing the employees, there is a long process that needs effort to complete. This is the reason that a highly talented HR team has been recruited in the organization with good salary packages so that they can handle things smoothly by achieving the aim of the company. Some basic things that cannot be completed without the HR department are:

Training and development: Management can recruit the candidates but developing their skills and knowing their work of interest is HR’s responsibility. The Department keeps on working on several campaigns and programs that help in motivating the employees to achieve their goals. On-the-job training, career Development programs, online campaigns, etc are some workshops done by the department.

Employee relationship: Working in an organization is not the only thing to do. It is the HR department that maintains a cordial relationship between employees, in between employees and management.

Ensuring laws and regulations: The Human Resource Department makes sure that every function of the company is done legally. The organization should check the legal documents, policies, rules, and regulations and then implement the process.

Negotiating the salary: After selecting the best and most talented candidate for the required vacancy, it is HRM who negotiates the salary and insists that they work on the organization’s budget.

Workplace policies: Some policies are developed by the HR Department to improve the workplace environment. It includes dress codes, disciplines, planned vacations, and many other types of working protocols.

Employment safety: Physica health benefits are one of the attractive insurance policies done by the organization for the employee’s safety and good health. The HR Department must prepare the claims and insurance policies of the employee as per their job profile.


Career in HRM

Careers in Human Resource Management Is at its boom. This is the best job profile for the one who has good analysis power and can find the hidden talent and skills in people. The person becoming HR will be responsible for performing multiple functions of the company by ensuring that every process of the working environment is systematic and under the law. After completing your four years of college university in Human resources you will find multiple options to refine your career at HRM. Experience a great job in the field by following all the working ethics.